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Are you available to help with any of our three programs (BKLS, Juniors, Masters)? Or can volunteer at one of our events? Or simply just have a qustion for us…please complete the form and one of our board members will get back to you. If you rather talk to someone please call Lindsey Masterson 603-554-6757

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Freequently Asked Questions

Where Can I See A Trail Map?

Our home trails are Dublin School Nordic Center. You can find more trail information on their website…take a look!

Can I come see a practice before committing?

Yes. Of course you can. Please contact us before so we can let the program leader know.

Is There Snow Making?

There is indeed snow making, and it’s only open to members. It’s a perk for being a member.

What Program Would Be Best?

We encourage you to read through our different Programs, and then contact us. That program leader will be intouch to answer any questions.

Do I have to get my own equipment?

Yes you do. Members of our club get significant Rossignol discounts. Your program leader can help figure out what is the best gear for you.

Where Can I Find Trail Conditions?

Members get first hand knowledge of the trails through a social media platform we use (you get an invite after you join). Dublin School also will submit condition updates to their blog.


Thank You! We thank Michael Lehmann and Nancy Haynes, children of the founders of Dublin School - Paul and Nancy Lehmann, who donated the land and resources to develop the Nordic Center.

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