DXC Skiers who moved onto the college level

Calvin Bates               Middlebury ’21
GH Weroswinski      SLU ’21
Lillian Bates              Williams ’23
Agnes Macy               Bowdoin ’24
Marlia Richer            SLU ’25
Erika Looman           SLU ’25
Quinn Wilson           Williams ’25
Theo Mollano           Williams ’25?
Clint Macy                 Colby ’26
Gabe Lloyd Paul       Smiths ’26
Francie Trafton        Bowdoin ’26
Oliver Wilson           Bates ’28
Lili Baer                    Colby ’25
Robyn McIntosh     SLU ’22
Adam Carlisle          Bowdoin ’24
Schuyler Michalak  UNH ’22
Michael Pelletier Force Academy ’26


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Thank You! We thank Michael Lehmann and Nancy Haynes, children of the founders of Dublin School - Paul and Nancy Lehmann, who donated the land and resources to develop the Nordic Center.

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