Eastern Cup #4
February 19 & 20

February 19, 2022 – Sprint | February 20 – Distance

Nordic Center is closed Thursday & Friday except for course inspection open from 4-8pm on Friday

February 19, 2022: Freestyle Sprint | February 20, 2022: Individual Classic U16 5km / Women 10km / Men 10km

Saturday Sprints

Sunday Classic

Sunday Stadium



STAY OFF the snow making pond. It’s not safe!

Dublin School Facility is off limits. Please do not use their bathrooms.

Upper lot is only coaches & waxing. Not a drop off zone. Look at parking map for info.

SUNDAY UPDATE: 15km is changed to 10km on 2.5km snowmaking course. Please note we have changed start times for Sunday’s races due to the excellent field sizes. Intervals for starts will be 30”. No cool down on course. Course is open to bibbed coaches and athletes for warmup / preview with bibs on backwards.

All coaches and skiers should carefully review the course map and stadium layout for Sunday (posted on the DublinXC site). Pay special attention to the lapping lanes and the figure-8 nature of the course. The lap lanes through the stadium are only used coming off the upper portion of the course — meaning as you come off the lower portion of the course you proceed directly to the upper portion of the course. 5km skiers will ski the stadium lap once and 10km skiers will ski it three times.


Please follow these guidelines for parking on Saturday and Sunday at the Dublin School Nordic Center. P1 on the map is for trailers and team vans. P2 and P3 are for coaches and athletes. We will be running a shuttle from P4 to P2 and back on both days. People parking in P5 and P6 should walk carefully along Dublin Road to William North Road and the shuttle at P4. For COVID safety please do not walk through the Dublin School campus or use any indoor spaces this weekend.

LIMITED: Please safely carpool with those you can. Limit the trailers. No busess in Main lot; athlete’s can be dropped off.

TRAILERS: to be dropped of Friday the 18th after 4pm! Trailers should park in the upper part of the parking lot

NORDIC CENTER LOT: Parking in the main Nordic Center lot is the priority area for coaches/wax team setup. Full size buses will not be allowed at the venue (drop off at the main road only). There is additional parking in the lower level of the NC and across the road.


Bib pickup right outside the yurt under the Darn Tough Sock tent.



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SCHEDULE - Saturday

Saturday, February 19, 2022
Eastern Cup – Skate Sprints
Bib Pickup opens – Course Opens for Preview 7:00am
Course Closes 8:50am
Men’s 1.6 km Sprint 9:00 AM
Women’s 1.6 km Sprint 9:45 AM
Course Opens by announcement after last female finisher
10:15am Bib Pick-up opens Men’s Sprint Heats – Race Office
10:30am Bib Pick-up opens Women’s Sprint Heats – Race Office
11:25pm Bib Pick-up closes – Course Closes for Open Heats to all but bibbed coaches
Open Heats
11:30pm Open Men’s Quarters Heat 1
11:35pm Open Men’s Quarters Heat 2
11:40pm Open Men’s Quarters Heat 3
11:45pm Open Men’s Quarters Heat 4
11:50pm Open Men’s Quarters Heat 5
11:55pm Open Women’s Quarters Heat 1
12:00pm Open Women’s Quarters Heat 2
12:05pm Open Women’s Quarters Heat 3
12:10pm Open Women’s Quarters Heat 4
12:15pm Open Women’s Quarters Heat 5
12:25pm Open Men’s Semifinal 1
12:30pm Open Men’s Semifinal 2
12:35pm Open Women’s Semifinal 1
12:40pm Open Women’s Semifinal 2
12:45pm Bib Pick-up opens Junior Sprint Heats – Race Office
12:50pm Open Men’s A Final
1:00pm Open Women’s A Final
U18/U20 and U16 Heats
1:10pm Course reopens to junior athletes
1:45pm U18/U20 Men’s Semifinal 1
1:50pm U18/U20 Men’s Semifinal 2
1:55pm U18/U20 Women’s Semifinal 1
2:00pm U18/U20 Women’s Semifinal 2
2:10pm U18/U20 Men’s Final
2:20pm U18/U20 Women’s Final
2:30pm U16 Boys Semifinal 1
2:35pm U16 Boys Semifinal 2
2:40pm U16 Girls Semifinal 1
2:45pm U16 Girls Semifinal 2
2:55pm U16 Boys Final
3:05pm U16 Girls Final
3:20pm U16, U18, U20 Awards – Stadium


UPDATED FEB. 17TH 8PM (subject to change)

Bib pickup 8am

Sunday, February 20, 2022
30 sec. interval, individual start classic distance
5km: U16 boys and girls
10km: Open Women
15km: Open Men
10:00am – Girls
10:45am – Boys
11:45am – Women
1:15pm – Men
Awards to follow


Race Secretary (main contact) – Lindsey Masterson
Chief of Competition – Patrick Masterson
TD – Nick Kline
TDA – Kevin Lee
Timing – Bullitt Timing
Organizational Support – NENSA


YES spectating is allowed out on the trails. We ask everyone while out on trails please spread out. NO WALKING ON THE TRAILS. Keep an eye out for racers and give them plenty of room.


We’re following NENSA’s guidelines

After reading through all of that information and still have questions you can call Lindsey 603-554-6757 (please do no text)


Thank You! We thank Michael Lehmann and Nancy Haynes, children of the founders of Dublin School - Paul and Nancy Lehmann, who donated the land and resources to develop the Nordic Center.

Please complete the online Online Waiver - Release from Liability